12/14/2019 - Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2019

Tritones at The Cookery
We did this gig back in 2017 and then missed it somehow last year, but were back again this year with a full 4 hours of music. We were contracted to play the Duke Thoracic Surgery Holiday Christmas party. We reassembled the cast of characters from the first gig and there have been many rehearsals leading up to this point. The first two sets were enjoyed by almost everyone at the party, but then by the third set everybody filtered out into this other room where all the food and gambling was and we were playing the last two sets by ourselves. The waitstaff at the party really enjoyed it though and cheered us on as we fulfilled our contractural obligations.

12/08/2019 - Tritones Rehearsal 8

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
Our last get together to get our act together before the big gig upcoming Saturday. Everybody seemed to be struggling in this particular rehearsal and as such we ended up running the songs multiple times in a row trying to get things right. It all ended up OK though in the end if you listen to the actual gig. I decided to keep the outtakes as it were to help myself see what I could do better as far as learning songs faster and what-not.

12/01/2019 - Tritones Rehearsal 7

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
It is now officially December and officially Winter. Unfortunately. Since the gig the Tritones are preparing for is very near the Christmas holiday, it was time to include Christmas songs. Thats what a lot of this rehearsal is. We picked up a few of the other tunes we hadnt run yet, and Robert brought in a hip arrangement of We Three Kings that proved somewhat difficult for us.

11/24/2019 - Tritones Rehearsal 6

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
Another rehearsal in prep for our upcoming winter festivities gig. Its worth noting that Damon had been sick for a while when we had this rehearsal and still performed quite admirably. Usually a simple cold can wipe a musician out but Dr. Bass hung in there with the best of them. We seem to get stuck on Purple Rain quite a bit. Theres also a lot cut out from these rehearsals of us listening to original recordings that takes a very very long time. We get about a third usable audio. 1 hour of audio for 3 hours of rehearsal. Thats about typical as compared to other rehearsals Ive had though.

11/10/2019 - Tritones Rehearsal 5

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
Trying to get all of these locked in and archived. We play through a bunch of standards and then we typically also work out a few arrangements from Dr. Zimmerman while we are at it. All is looking good and ready for our gig.

10/27/2019 - Tritones Rehearsal 4

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
We are reunited for the same holiday season gig we played last year, so we are putting together the book of tunes we did before, trying to make sure everything is in shape. Some nice, relaxing jazz.

10/26/2019 - Gato Maestro @ Black Creek Brewery

Gato Maestro at Black Creek Brewery
This is a very partial recording of what all we played on this particular evening at Black Creek. We were outside in a alleyway and the weather was all sorts of crazy. Theres lots of wind on the recording and due to the stress of the evening, Ben forgot to turn on the recorder at all the wrong times. We actually played three sets this particular evening, but what we got captured is just midway part set 1 and all of set 2. We missed set 3 entirely. Meanwhile, folks bared the cold to sit out with us in the wind and rain and listen to us jam through our set list. We had a great time and we hope yall did too.

10/20/2019 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 42

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
Gato assembled on this particular day but Ben was struggling with equipment issues with his new laptop, so we did not get any audio of this particular event. We ran through a few of the newer tunes and spent the rest of the time tracking for our next recording Whats Wrong.

10/13/2019 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 41

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
A quick run-through of our new tunes before hitting it at our gig on the 26th at Black Creek. We felt pretty confident about the book, but not so confident about the newer songs, so we worked through some of the kinks to get them real smooth. Then theres the typical messing about that we do...

09/12/2019 - Band58 for RTIs 40th Anniversary

Band58 at RTI International
Band58 was assembled to play this exact gig and we rocked it out in the main auditorium of the RTI building and a large portion of the staff came to see the event. No audio for this event, this entry just marks when at where it occurred.