04/10/2022 - Gato Maestro Rehearsal 62

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
First time back as a band since 2021, over four months. A random sampling of tunes was selected to be sure. We feel surprisingly like a band that is quite together on this. Some excellent solos on this as well.

03/27/2022 - Gatos Need Their Maestro

Ben's House
Our first time jammin together again in months. Chase was unable to attend. We ran through the tunes that either dont require very good vocals or had no vocals at all. It was good to get everybody back in sync, and it was probably necessary to remember how to play our instruments again before having Chase out. There were some very good jams in this one, as well.

02/25/2022 - Live Recording Standards with The Weis

Ben's House
Paul called Ben and explained that Paul had just dropped a bunch of money on a very nice ribbon microphone. Ben was itching to record with it. The rest of Gato was unavailable due to familial obligations. The first two tracks are just the melody from When Sunny Gets Blue, played w the same setup but on two different mics for the sax. The difference is palpable. Ben setup two SM57s pointed directly at the piano body and panned them far left and far right. Paul and Ben had not played most of these songs together prior to this recording session. Paul did not bring his flute, which was unfortunate.

12/18/2021 - Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2021

Tritones at Duke Karsh Alumni Center
Due to COVID, **very** few people came out on this chilly winter evening. The Karsh Alumni Center was setup like a gambling hall or casino. There was also outdoor patio dining and stand up tables where people could drink and talk. Most people spent their time outside talking and did not either gamble or listen to the music. We did have one couple who swing danced to our music for two or three songs though, so that made the whole thing worth it.

12/16/2021 - Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 10

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
The last night of rehearsal, literally four days before the big gig for Tritones 2021, the Duke Ortho event, which IS coming. We covered the remainder of our book this rehearsal and got into some rarer tunes as well as revisiting some of the ones that we felt needed one or two more times through.

12/12/2021 - Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 9

Tritones at Dana Thalheimer's House
This was one of our last two rehearsals for the prep for the 2021 version of the one gig that this band has. We were out for quite a long time due to COVID, but we got back together in the fall of 2021 and started putting together our setlist again and remembering how to play our instruments. We had quite a long setlist this time and really got our act together regarding beginnings and endings. Many arrangements were provided and custom charts were written. This was with the Zoom H4n and I am impressed how good the recording quality came out. Danas basement has a great room to record in actually.

11/21/2021 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 61

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
A varied and composite production on this rehearsal after a long break. We had not gotten together to jam since September due to COVID and peoples life things. One thing led to another and it ended up being months before we reassembled the band. I blame a lack of gigs. Anyway, with no particular agenda in mind, we ended up having a super tight instrumental jam that went into Force of Nature. We hit a couple of the old standbys like All I Can See and Feel Like Makin Love. But most of our time was spent learning this Nina Simone song Feelin Good. This is a nice addition to our repitoire.

09/19/2021 - Gato Maestro - Love Bug

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
This was a jam that we decided to turn into a song. Initially, we felt it was a bit too much like Home At Last by Steely Dan, but we got our act together and turned it into something we can own. There are quite a few tracks in this collection because there were quite a few run-throughs trying to get the parts exactly right... and coming up with parts in the first place. The last two tracks are the best ones to listen to if you are just passing through.

08/05/2021 - Gato Maestro @ Glass Jug II

Gato Maestro at The Glass Jug Beer Lab
This is the second time the folks at the Glass Jug Beer Lab have been nice enough to let us come out. Ben was foolish in that he forgot to start the recorder until the second set was about to begin, but at least we got sets 2 and 3 recorded that night. There was a nice, focused group of about 40-50 people there all enjoying the tunes. We were extraordinarily quiet compared to some other shows we have played. I remember thinking that while playing and the recording definitely shows it. This is a live cut, meaning there are crowd noises surrounding all the songs, but they are still indexed such that you can find what you want.

08/01/2021 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 60 - For Glass Jug

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
Another one in prep for our gig at the Glass Jug on August 5th. Very very solid rehearsal. Covered a wide array of tunes, even the guitar tunes. We found confidence in our ability to execute these songs as a band in this rehearsal. Also we had a bit of fun messing around of course, too. Came up with the idea of an A Capella ending to Lean on Me.