04/30/2023 - New Dang Song

Gato Maestro at Paul's House
Gato decided it was time to get together and write some more! This is the session where we started putting together the bits for what we are calling the New Dang Song at the moment, but that is decidedly a working title. We got all the pieces together in this rehearsal, but have not done the form of the song yet, and probably there are more lyrics coming.

03/31/2023 - Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern

Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern
Probably our best ever gig in our latest incarnation of this band. This recording was created by the house sound maestro, Rainbow, and she did an excellent job. Ben chopped it up and made it indexable by tune. We missed a few songs of the evening due to the length of a standard audio CD. The second set got cut off before our hit 1-2-3, but we did get everything else. Also see the YouTube videos of this gig as well, they are quite good. A large nubmer of people we did not know came from out of nowhere to show up at Nash Street this evening and it gave us a bunch of energy and excitement. Guest performance by Lisa Timberlake on this one.

03/20/2023 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 69

Gato Maestro at Paul's House
A Monday rehearsal that we put together because Paul was going to be out of the country for an entire week before our gig at Nash Street on Mar 31. A guest appearance by Lisa Timberlake, who sang Feelin Good. We ran through pretty much everything that was left in the book on this rehearsal.

03/17/2023 - Lisa, Paul, Ben play Standards

Paul's House
Ben and Lisa had played through some jazz standards already and thoroughly enjoyed how it sounded, so we decided to gang up with Paul to get that authentic jazz sax sound. It is always much harder to find songs in keys that can all be agreed upon, but much more fun when someone else is soloing, too. Worth noting that there was a lot more to this rehearsal, but the batteries gave out in Bens Zoom H4n, so it was not captured. The recording stopped right in the middle of the second time through Feelin Good.

03/12/2023 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 68

Gato Maestro at Paul's House
First time getting together with Chase after the winter holidaze. We are playin at Pauls house now and the room has quite a different feeling or vibe to it. We started working our way through the setlist to make sure everything was still intact for the March gig at Nash Street. Also note that we ran Feelin Good in the key for Lisa Timberlake to prepare for her singing it so it was out of range for Chase.

01/15/2023 - New Location, New Grooves

Paul's House
Chase was unable to make this rehearsal, but this is the other four members of Gato Maestro. We switched it up for this rehearsal, with our holidays gigs out of the way. Paul has a new house and he asked us to come over and do rehearsal there. Trying out a new space. We did a LOT more on this particular day, but did not get a lot of it recorded. Ben left his Zoom H4n at Nash Street, and Kyle took it home for him. Kyle did not bring it to rehearsal, so we were using Pauls Zoom H4n. The flash drive had a bunch of other stuff on it, and had a capacity of 2GB total. Ben deleted tracks to make room where he could, but we also just didnt have it running a lot of the time.

01/09/2023 - Lisa and Ben Play Standards

Ben's House
Lisa and Ben decided to see what they could do with some decent recording equipment and Logic Pro. The material? Every standard that Ben has charts for that Lisa knows how to sing. Ben also tried out his new vocal microphone. That was the original goal of this session.

12/17/2022 - Gato Maestro @ Nash Street [partial] - Rainbow Mix

Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern
This was a last-minute gig setup by Nash Street. We had a rehearsal the night before to run everything. We were super excited to get to play at Nash Street around the holidays. Ben did a number on the set list and changed it completely around from what it normally is, calling up some of the tunes of yesteryear. Paul couldnt be with us for this gig at the last minute. **NOTE**: There is a second CD that we are looking to get from Rainbow who does the recording at Nash Street. Shes a very busy person so it may be awhile until that gets posted, but please enjoy these tunes in the meantime!

12/16/2022 - Gato Maestro Rehearsal 67

Gato Maestro at Ben's House
We had a last-minute gig at Nash Street Tavern on the 17th and so this was our warm up. Paul had to bail at the last minute cause he had COVID, so partly we were checking out what songs we would be able to do without saxophones, but partly we were also trying to add some Christmas songs in as well since it was so close to the holiday. We also wanted to run Feelin Good with Lisa to make sure we had it solid and could do it properly in the lower key to match Lisas range.

12/03/2022 - Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2022

Tritones at Duke Karsh Alumni Center
Ben forgot to hit record on his Zoom H4n, even though he brought it to the gig, so its unfortunate but there is no audio for this event. The friends of the band also did a good job capturing some video of the occasion that you can check out here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLauanOA9aBk6uRo2XAcwmO7-kNmHf-IcW