Band: Gato Maestro

Number of Collections: 80
Played Locations: Ben's House, Pour House, Nash Street Tavern, Durty Bull, Black Creek Brewery, Fullsteam Brewery, Hugger Mugger Brewing, The Glass Jug Beer Lab
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07/30/2017Wake upBen's House  
08/23/2017Gato Maestro Gig PrepBen's House  
09/17/2017Gato Maestro OriginalsBen's House  
09/20/2017Gato Maestro Demo CandidatesBen's House  
09/20/2017Gato Maestro Demo RecordingBen's House  
10/08/2017Get LooseBen's House  
10/15/2017Gato Maestro Video AudioBen's House 
12/03/20171-2-3 Ben's House  
01/14/2018Are You Like MeBen's House  
01/21/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 15Ben's House  
01/28/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 16Ben's House  
02/11/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 17Ben's House  
02/18/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 18Ben's House  
02/22/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 19Ben's House  
03/06/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal for Pour HouseBen's House  
03/07/2018Gato Maestro at Pour HousePour House 
03/18/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 20Ben's House  
04/08/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 21Ben's House  
04/12/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 22Ben's House  
04/14/2018Gato Maestro at Nash Street TavernNash Street Tavern