Today in BINK! History

These are the jams that happened today, 12/07 in previous years on BINK!

12/07/2004 - Finals Session

Price Music Center
This was our attempt at a CD we could include for a press packet for a band we wanted to start called "Down To The Bits," but we never really got it together.

12/07/2012 - Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 18

Blue Lunar Quartet at Ben's Apartment on Trailwood
It was very difficult, but we successfully got everyone in the same room to play through some tunes. We spent a lot of time trying out new mic placements since we wanted to put Andy's sound through Ben's new PA. In the end we played a really awesome take of Peace, by Reese Richardson and played through Hottentot twice. The latter probably needs some more work. We also still seem to be having trouble with Mic Clock Synchronization, but I'm working that out.

12/07/2012 - Just the Roughest of Mixes

Valley House
This is the roughest mix in the world. Don't judge me. The tracks contained herein are intended to be a part of Taylor Leach's WP audition.