Today in BINK! History

These are the jams that happened today, 12/14 in previous years on BINK!

12/14/2010 - Graduate Audition Session

EIU: Doudna Fine Arts Center 1
This was a session Josh did with some Charleston, IL musicians and faculty. It was intended originally as a grad school audition CD (which consequently got me into William Paterson). I've now officially released it as an album for download at

12/14/2012 - Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 19

Blue Lunar Quartet at Ben's Apartment on Trailwood
Ben's parents were in town for his PhD graduation, and he asked the quartet to come over and play a little bit. This is the best explanation we have for why the recordings are so terrible. In all seriousness, the mic placement was really off for this, and in particular the input on Carter's microphone was turned down far too low, so major mixing and processing had to be done to this recording to even make it palatable to the human ear. If you think it sounds bad now, imagine how it sound before the mix!