Today in BINK! History

These are the jams that happened today, 07/15 in previous years on BINK!

07/15/2006 - Black Buster and The Electric Church

Reese's House
Josh and I were up late, smoking, when down the street walked 20 or so members of the 3rd street congregation. They were holding candles and a microphone, all we did was press record.

This is our 100th Entry.

07/15/2006 - JM4 at Fauntleroy's Cafe

Josh Marcus Quartet at Fauntleroy's

07/15/2006 - JM4 at Firebird Studio

Josh Marcus Quartet at Firebird Studio
About fifteen people attended throughout the night. We weren't actually supposed to play this night--the closing of the exhibition is the following week. The room felt really good. the set list is out of order because the computer kept screwing up. we kept hitting record again when it would stop, so there are a few incomplete files.

07/15/2012 - The Monk That Never Was

The Brown House
This collection is partially a series of recordings intended for Nic's Monk Competition Audition. The other tracks are unfortunately plagued with a bad bass cable. I've done what I can to make it not totally offensive, but hey- can't win them all.