Today in BINK! History

These are the jams that happened today, 02/26 in previous years on BINK!

02/26/2007 - NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal

NCSU Jazz Ensemble at Talley Student Center
Wes Parker, who leads the group and I had the same idea: since the combo had such an excellent first gig out, why not record? So, Wes showed up with two lav mics and me with my laptop... The source is through the headphone amp of the Direct-To-CD console we had with us, so it may be a little messy and I had to compress some of the tracks to get them audible. I'd say for our first recording session, it turned out really well.

02/26/2012 - Mosca Composition Ensemble Jazz Room Performance

Mosca Composition Ensemble at Shea Center
This was the Spring '11 performance by the John Mosca Composition Ensemble at William Paterson University. All the tunes are by the other guys in the band- the first tune is called "Sinbad the Sailor" by Brian Messenger. The second tune is called "Imprecise" by Jon DiFiore. The third tune is "Daybreak" by Matt Marantz. The fourth and final tune is "Erah" by Adrian Moring.

02/26/2014 - Cigarettes After Sex @ Pete's Candy Store NYC

Cigarettes After Sex at Pete's Candy Store
Here's another show at Pete's Candy Store in BK. We had a very enthusiastic audience member out of 3 total this night, but it was a great show. This was incidentally the night that Josh was forced to abandon his Korg SP-150 in downtown Jersey City. He pleads the fifth.