07/11/2004 - Reese Richardson 137% improvisation at CG

Common Grounds

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This was an all improvisation show i did at Common Grounds, about a year after the first time i did this. This night was very discouraging as no one in the audience gave a fuck about me. there were alot of people there. Angel had me play on a friday night durring a special event. i dont remember what it was. i was playing the 1967 Gibson 330 straight into the PA. There is alot of silence in parts. i was talking to different people. i end up just playing scales and jerking around at the end. I quote The beatles, Jeff Buckley, Zappa, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and many others. over all not a very good sounding or productive gig.

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  1. 137% improvisation
  2. 67 mbmp3 file