06/28/2020 - Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 48

Gato Maestro - Ben's House

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The gig got forestalled or canceled due to COVID, so we decided to take this rehearsal time period to learn some new cover tunes. Because this was a rehearsal of mostly learning and listening to the song and learning and listening to the song and writing down notes, there isnt much audio. Ben only ran tape a couple of times during the rehearsal, when it sounded like we could turn in a good performance of one of the cover. In particular, we learned Lean on Me by Bill Withers, and we looked at Stir It Up by Bob Marley. Lean on Me stuck, and we have added it to the book. We couldnt seem to get Stir It Up to sound the way we wanted, so we decided to drop it.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. Lean on Me -> 1-2-3
  2. 17 mbmp3 file notes
  3. 1-2-3 Jam
  4. 6 mbmp3 file notes