01/15/2023 - New Location, New Grooves

Paul Weisenfeld's House

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Chase was unable to make this rehearsal, but this is the other four members of Gato Maestro. We switched it up for this rehearsal, with our holidays gigs out of the way. Paul has a new house and he asked us to come over and do rehearsal there. Trying out a new space. We did a LOT more on this particular day, but did not get a lot of it recorded. Ben left his Zoom H4n at Nash Street, and Kyle took it home for him. Kyle did not bring it to rehearsal, so we were using Pauls Zoom H4n. The flash drive had a bunch of other stuff on it, and had a capacity of 2GB total. Ben deleted tracks to make room where he could, but we also just didnt have it running a lot of the time.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. Sing a Song of Song
  2. 14 mbmp3 file notes
  3. Jam
  4. 2 mbmp3 file notes
  5. Exercise
  6. 8 mbmp3 file notes
  7. A Melody
  8. 1 mbmp3 file notes