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07/05/2000Random ShitReese's Parent's House  
12/20/2000Shoo, Wac, Dawg, MugReese's Parent's House  
05/05/2001O.G. ShitLouisville  
08/01/2001Ardour: SoundBen's Mom's House 
09/15/2001Farmers MarketFarmer's Market  
10/01/2001The Basement SessionsBen's Mom's House 
02/09/2002Reese - Ben - Brandon #1Reese's Parent's House  
03/06/2002Before AlfalfaBen's Mom's House  
03/06/2002The Alfalfa's GigAlfalfa's 
03/07/2002GRC Jazz Spring ConcertGRC High School  
03/20/2002The first reese and logan jamReese's Parent's House  
04/09/2002Basement Sessions AgainBen's Mom's House  
05/15/2002MINI DISC 1Ben's Mom's House  
05/16/2002MINI DISC 2Reese's Parent's House  
07/07/2002Reese, Tyler, Matt and John IMatt Wheeler's House  
07/09/2002Reese, Tyler, Matt and John IIMatt Wheeler's House  
09/11/2002Fall BrownBen's Mom's House 
12/30/2002TALL Airport PracticesThe Hanger  
01/30/2003TALL with TiceanThe Hanger  
03/01/2003Funk YouBen's Mom's House