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04/30/2023New Dang SongPaul's House  
03/17/2023Lisa, Paul, Ben play StandardsPaul's House  
03/20/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 69Paul's House  
03/12/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 68Paul's House  
01/15/2023New Location, New GroovesPaul's House  
09/10/2022Gato Maestro - Private PartyKyle's Parent's House  
12/03/2022Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2022Duke Karsh Alumni Center  
12/18/2021Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2021Duke Karsh Alumni Center 
10/29/2020Gato Maestro @ Glass JugThe Glass Jug Beer Lab  
08/05/2021Gato Maestro @ Glass Jug IIThe Glass Jug Beer Lab  
12/14/2019Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2019The Cookery 
09/12/2019Band58 for RTIs 40th AnniversaryRTI International  
09/07/2018Gato Maestro at Hugger MuggerHugger Mugger Brewing 
09/08/2018Gato Maestro at Fullsteam BreweryFullsteam Brewery 
07/04/2019Gato Maestro at Black Creek for Independence DayBlack Creek Brewery 
10/26/2019Gato Maestro @ Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery  
10/24/2020Gato Maestro @ Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery   
10/27/2018Gato Maestro revisits Black CreekBlack Creek Brewery  
08/18/2018Gato Maestro at Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery 
06/29/2018Gato Maestro at Durty BullDurty Bull 
03/07/2018Gato Maestro at Pour HousePour House 
12/08/2019Tritones Rehearsal 8Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/16/2021Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 10Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/01/2019Tritones Rehearsal 7Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/12/2021Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 9Dana Thalheimer's House  
11/24/2019Tritones Rehearsal 6Dana Thalheimer's House  
11/10/2019Tritones Rehearsal 5Dana Thalheimer's House  
10/27/2019Tritones Rehearsal 4Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/03/2017Tritones Rehearsal 3Dana Thalheimer's House  
04/02/2017Tritones Rehearsal 2Dana Thalheimer's House  
02/05/2017Tritones Rehearsal 1Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/09/2017Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2017Cameron Stadium, Duke Univ.  
08/13/2022Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern - Room MixNash Street Tavern  
05/26/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 3Nash Street Tavern  
12/17/2022Gato Maestro @ Nash Street [partial] - Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
02/10/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 1Nash Street Tavern  
03/17/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 2Nash Street Tavern 
03/31/2023Gato Maestro at Nash Street TavernNash Street Tavern 
09/07/2019Gato Maestro at Nash StreetNash Street Tavern  
08/13/2022Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern - Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
04/14/2018Gato Maestro at Nash Street TavernNash Street Tavern  
12/21/2015Drive @ The Shrine NYC IThe Shrine  
06/05/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 20Kyle Hodgin's House  
01/17/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 1Kyle Hodgin's House  
07/17/2015Drive @ Freddies IFreddys Bar and Backroom  
11/29/2015Drive @ Freddies IIFreddys Bar and Backroom   
10/15/2017Gato Maestro Video AudioBen's House 
03/18/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 20Ben's House  
06/10/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 24Ben's House  
09/17/2017Gato Maestro OriginalsBen's House