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10/08/2023Gato Maestro @ Chatham RidgeChatham Ridge  
01/15/2023New Location, New GroovesPaul Weisenfeld's House  
03/12/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 68Paul Weisenfeld's House  
03/20/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 69Paul Weisenfeld's House  
03/17/2023Lisa, Paul, Ben play StandardsPaul Weisenfeld's House  
04/30/2023New Dang SongPaul Weisenfeld's House  
07/16/2023Lisa, Paul, Ben Play Standards AgainPaul Weisenfeld's House  
08/05/2023Lisa, Paul, Ben Rehearsal 3Paul Weisenfeld's House  
08/06/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 70Paul Weisenfeld's House  
09/24/2023Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 71Paul Weisenfeld's House  
10/21/2023Gato Maestro @ Paul's PartyPaul Weisenfeld's House  
09/10/2022Gato Maestro - Private PartyKyle's Parent's House  
12/18/2021Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2021Duke Karsh Alumni Center 
12/03/2022Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2022Duke Karsh Alumni Center  
12/16/2023Tritones Duke Holiday PartyDuke Karsh Alumni Center 
10/29/2020Gato Maestro @ Glass JugThe Glass Jug Beer Lab  
08/05/2021Gato Maestro @ Glass Jug IIThe Glass Jug Beer Lab  
12/14/2019Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2019The Cookery 
09/12/2019Band58 for RTIs 40th AnniversaryRTI International  
09/07/2018Gato Maestro at Hugger MuggerHugger Mugger Brewing 
09/08/2018Gato Maestro at Fullsteam BreweryFullsteam Brewery 
08/18/2018Gato Maestro at Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery 
10/27/2018Gato Maestro revisits Black CreekBlack Creek Brewery  
07/04/2019Gato Maestro at Black Creek for Independence DayBlack Creek Brewery 
10/26/2019Gato Maestro @ Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery  
10/24/2020Gato Maestro @ Black Creek BreweryBlack Creek Brewery   
06/29/2018Gato Maestro at Durty BullDurty Bull 
03/07/2018Gato Maestro at Pour HousePour House 
12/03/2017Tritones Rehearsal 3Dana Thalheimer's House  
02/05/2017Tritones Rehearsal 1Dana Thalheimer's House  
04/02/2017Tritones Rehearsal 2Dana Thalheimer's House  
10/27/2019Tritones Rehearsal 4Dana Thalheimer's House  
11/10/2019Tritones Rehearsal 5Dana Thalheimer's House  
11/24/2019Tritones Rehearsal 6Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/01/2019Tritones Rehearsal 7Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/08/2019Tritones Rehearsal 8Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/12/2021Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 9Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/16/2021Tritones 2021 - Rehearsal 10Dana Thalheimer's House  
05/28/2023Damon, Dana and Ben Play StandardsDana Thalheimer's House  
04/30/2023Tritones Demo Prep 1Dana Thalheimer's House  
06/11/2023Tritones Demo Prep 2Dana Thalheimer's House  
06/25/2023Tritones Demo Prep 3Dana Thalheimer's House  
07/09/2023Semitones w Logic Pro XDana Thalheimer's House  
07/23/2023Tritones Demo Prep 4Dana Thalheimer's House  
08/20/2023Tritones Demo Prep 5Dana Thalheimer's House  
09/03/2023Tritones Demo Prep 6Dana Thalheimer's House  
12/09/2017Tritones Duke Surgeons Party 2017Cameron Stadium, Duke Univ.  
03/17/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 2Nash Street Tavern 
02/10/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 1Nash Street Tavern  
05/26/2017Junction 57 @ Nash Street Tavern 3Nash Street Tavern  
04/14/2018Gato Maestro at Nash Street TavernNash Street Tavern  
09/07/2019Gato Maestro at Nash StreetNash Street Tavern  
08/13/2022Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern - Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
08/13/2022Gato Maestro at Nash Street Tavern - Room MixNash Street Tavern  
12/17/2022Gato Maestro @ Nash Street [partial] - Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
03/31/2023Gato Maestro at Nash Street TavernNash Street Tavern 
11/03/2023Gato Maestro @ Nash Street - Room MixNash Street Tavern  
11/03/2023Gato Maestro at Nash Street - Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
12/09/2023Gato Maestro @ Nash Street - Room MixNash Street Tavern  
12/09/2023Gato Maestro @ Nash Street Rainbow MixNash Street Tavern  
12/21/2015Drive @ The Shrine NYC IThe Shrine  
01/17/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 1Kyle Hodgin's House  
06/05/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 20Kyle Hodgin's House  
07/17/2015Drive @ Freddies IFreddys Bar and Backroom  
11/29/2015Drive @ Freddies IIFreddys Bar and Backroom   
11/01/2014Crappy Home RecordingsBen's House  
02/07/2015Winters DayBen's House  
04/12/2015No Drummer Necessary 2Ben's House  
11/10/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 26Ben's House  
09/09/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 21Ben's House 
10/13/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 22Ben's House  
10/20/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 23Ben's House  
10/27/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 24Ben's House  
11/03/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 25 Ben's House  
11/18/2016Junction 57 DemoBen's House  
11/21/2016Junction 57 Rehearsal 27Ben's House 
11/03/2016What is music?Ben's House  
01/05/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 28Ben's House  
01/12/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 29Ben's House  
01/19/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 30Ben's House  
02/02/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 31Ben's House  
02/06/2017Two Chords, Two GuysBen's House  
02/27/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 32Ben's House  
03/09/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 33Ben's House  
03/13/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 34Ben's House  
03/16/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 35Ben's House  
03/23/2017Groove Girl Session 2Ben's House  
03/19/2017Groove Girl Session 1Ben's House  
04/20/2017Rooster and African ThingBen's House  
03/30/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 35b - MisnumberedBen's House  
05/11/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 36Ben's House  
05/16/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 37Ben's House  
06/17/2017With Apologies to JimiBen's House  
06/16/2017Sometimes I scare meBen's House  
06/08/2017Kyle Song Untitled 3Ben's House  
06/22/2017Force of NatureBen's House  
05/25/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 38Ben's House  
06/29/2017Junction 57 Rehearsal 39: IttaiBen's House  
07/19/2017HallelujahBen's House  
07/30/2017Wake upBen's House  
08/06/2017Several New SongsBen's House  
08/13/2017Justin BellBen's House  
09/20/2017Gato Maestro Demo CandidatesBen's House  
08/23/2017Gato Maestro Gig PrepBen's House  
10/15/2017Gato Maestro Video AudioBen's House 
09/17/2017Gato Maestro OriginalsBen's House  
10/08/2017Get LooseBen's House  
09/20/2017Gato Maestro Demo RecordingBen's House  
01/14/2018Are You Like MeBen's House  
12/03/20171-2-3 Ben's House  
01/21/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 15Ben's House  
01/28/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 16Ben's House  
02/11/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 17Ben's House  
02/18/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 18Ben's House  
02/22/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 19Ben's House  
03/06/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal for Pour HouseBen's House  
03/18/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 20Ben's House  
04/08/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 21Ben's House  
04/12/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 22Ben's House  
04/22/2018Gato - Stormy and Good Ol LovinBen's House  
05/29/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 23Ben's House  
06/10/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 24Ben's House  
06/10/2018Chase is surprisingly good at synth JamBen's House  
06/14/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 25Ben's House  
06/19/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 26Ben's House  
08/12/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 27Ben's House  
09/06/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 28Ben's House  
12/16/2018Gato Maestro Writing Session 1Ben's House  
10/25/2018Gato Maestro Rehearsal 29Ben's House  
01/25/2019You Do Not KnowBen's House  
01/05/2019Gato Maestro Writing Session 2Ben's House  
01/20/2019Just Some Gatos without a MaestroBen's House  
01/27/2019Gato Maestro Writing Session 3Ben's House  
02/03/2019Gato Maestro Writing Session 4Ben's House  
02/10/2019Jammin with Paul WeisenfeldBen's House  
02/17/2019Arrangments with Paul WeisenfeldBen's House  
02/24/2019We (Dont) Got The PowerBen's House   
03/03/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 30Ben's House  
03/24/2019More Tunes w PaulBen's House  
03/31/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 31Ben's House  
04/07/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 32Ben's House  
04/14/2019Arranging with Paul 3Ben's House  
04/30/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 33Ben's House  
05/17/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 34Ben's House  
06/01/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 35Ben's House  
06/09/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 36Ben's House  
06/14/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 37Ben's House  
06/23/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 38Ben's House  
06/30/2019Gato Maestro Rehearsal 39Ben's House  
07/02/2019Justin and Ben Jam It OutBen's House  
07/14/2019More Gatos But No MaestroBen's House  
07/20/2019Gatos Miss Their MaestroBen's House  
07/25/2019Band58 - Rehearsal 1Ben's House  
08/04/2019Gatoish Paul Justin BenBen's House  
08/08/2019Band58 - Rehearsal 2Ben's House  
08/22/2019Band58 - Rehearsal 3Ben's House  
08/25/2019Gato Maestro - Mercy Mercy and Work SongBen's House 
08/27/2019Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 40Ben's House  
09/10/2019Band58 - Rehearsal 4Ben's House  
10/20/2019Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 42Ben's House   
10/13/2019Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 41Ben's House  
01/05/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 43Ben's House  
02/09/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 44Ben's House  
02/16/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 45Ben's House  
02/22/2020Justin and Ben JamBen's House  
03/01/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 46Ben's House  
06/22/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 47Ben's House  
06/28/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 48Ben's House  
07/12/2020Gato Maestro 4: Sing a Song of SongBen's House  
07/26/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 49Ben's House  
08/09/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 50Ben's House  
08/16/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 51Ben's House  
09/27/2020Paul, Kyle, Chase, BenBen's House  
10/20/2020Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 52Ben's House  
04/25/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 53 - In the WinelightBen's House  
05/02/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 54Ben's House  
05/16/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 55Ben's House  
05/23/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 56Ben's House  
06/06/2021Gato Rehearsal - Rehearsal 57 - NaimaBen's House  
06/13/2021Gato No MaestroBen's House  
06/27/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 58Ben's House  
07/11/2021So Many Gatos and So Few MaestrosBen's House  
07/25/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 59Ben's House  
08/01/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 60 - For Glass JugBen's House  
09/19/2021Gato Maestro - Love BugBen's House  
11/21/2021Gato Maestro - Rehearsal 61Ben's House  
02/25/2022Live Recording Standards with The WeisBen's House 
03/27/2022Gatos Need Their MaestroBen's House  
06/05/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 63Ben's House  
04/10/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 62Ben's House  
07/10/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 64Ben's House  
08/11/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 65Ben's House   
10/02/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 66Ben's House  
12/16/2022Gato Maestro Rehearsal 67Ben's House  
01/09/2023Lisa and Ben Play StandardsBen's House  
11/17/2014Well Spread TruthBen's House  
07/18/2014Big Beat @ Hat City KitchenHat City Kitchen  
10/11/2014Big Beat @ Hat City KitchenHat City Kitchen  
03/09/2014Alps Production HouseAlps Institute for the Arts  
07/13/2013Old Alps Lucid JamAlps Institute for the Arts  
10/29/2013Session at Di Fiore's (Bayonne)Jon Di Fiore Residence  
01/22/2014Cigarettes After Sex @ Pete's Candy StorePete's Candy Store  
02/26/2014Cigarettes After Sex @ Pete's Candy Store NYCPete's Candy Store  
07/05/2013BLQ @ Espresso NewsEspresso News 
12/07/2012Just the Roughest of MixesValley House  
12/08/2012Taylor Leach William Paterson Audition Final TakesValley House 
08/15/2012Work and PlayWilliam Paterson University  
04/28/2012The NC State Arts GalaMcKimmon Center  
04/27/2012NCSU Rhythm Section @ The State ClubThe State Club  
02/18/2012Shea JamShea Center  
02/26/2012Mosca Composition Ensemble Jazz Room PerformanceShea Center  
04/26/2012Dialogue Day: Spring '12Shea Center  
10/14/2012Norton Ensemble Jazz RoomShea Center  
04/13/2013William Paterson Master's RecitalShea Center  
10/25/2011Brown House Basement Session 1The Brown House  
11/19/2011Brown House Jam 2The Brown House  
12/20/2011End of Semester Jam The Brown House  
12/17/2011Jamming with Oscar and NickThe Brown House  
01/25/2012Taylor Leach Audition for William PatersonThe Brown House 
03/10/2012Brown House SessionThe Brown House  
03/23/2012Moses Parts the JamThe Brown House  
03/24/2012Josh Marcus Saves the WorldThe Brown House  
04/14/2012Brown House TrioThe Brown House  
04/21/2012Mirror, Mirror On the FallThe Brown House  
04/29/2012Benjamin Russert: Musician For HireThe Brown House 
05/19/2012He puts the "Doc" in "Dougherty"The Brown House 
05/20/2012Hello, Max.The Brown House 
05/20/2012Stehr DownThe Brown House 
05/21/2012T and J 2The Brown House  
05/22/2012Moses is PlaguedThe Brown House  
05/29/2012MicroThe Brown House 
05/31/2012CleavageThe Brown House 
05/30/2012MidDay Brown HouseThe Brown House  
06/03/2012Insecure Jazz MusiciansThe Brown House 
06/01/2012Longest....Stella.....everThe Brown House  
07/04/2012Independence Day SessionThe Brown House
06/17/2012Ben AgainThe Brown House  
07/13/2012ShaaaaaftThe Brown House 
07/15/2012The Monk That Never WasThe Brown House  
07/14/2012Dual TriosThe Brown House  
07/29/2012Sunday JamThe Brown House  
07/28/2012Saturday in the HouseThe Brown House   
08/11/2012Saturday TunesThe Brown House  
08/17/2012Trying to be Trane....The Brown House  
07/22/2012An Appointment with DocThe Brown House  
08/18/2012Kelly's ArrivalThe Brown House  
08/23/2012All DayThe Brown House  
08/26/2012Final SummerThe Brown House  
09/07/2012First FallThe Brown House  
10/04/2011And All Became at Molly Malone's Molly Malone's 
04/24/2011The Moondome SongBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/02/2011Scary Stuff from Ben's HouseBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/16/2011More Crap from BenBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/23/2011BlackbirdBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
02/01/2012Farmer's Reserve IIBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
01/03/2012Dad's Birthday PresentBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
01/23/2012SeasonsBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/19/2012Andy, Ben, and Josh Lay Down the FatnessBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/22/2012Spring Break 2012 Sessions (Box Set)Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/22/2012MIDI Music Generation IBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/28/2012Lucent StevelBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
04/05/2012Emptiness JamBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
04/23/2012Antisocialistic BacherloryBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
05/02/2012This Will Break Your FaceBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
06/07/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 1Ben's Apartment on Trailwood 
06/08/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 2Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
06/11/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 3Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
06/23/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Demo RecordingBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
06/28/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Demo Recording (contd)Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/10/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 4Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/17/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 5Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/19/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 6Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/25/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 7Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/03/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 9Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/31/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 8Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/08/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 10Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/16/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 11Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
08/24/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 12Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
09/08/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 13Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
09/15/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 14Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
09/27/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 15Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
10/14/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 16Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
10/17/2012No Drummer NecessaryBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
10/27/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 17Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
11/19/2012No Carter No RulesBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
12/07/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 18Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
12/14/2012Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 19Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
01/10/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 20Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
01/19/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 21Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/16/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 23Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
01/30/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 22Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
03/29/2013BLT on RyeBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
04/06/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 24Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
05/04/2013Another BLT PleaseBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
05/10/2013Blue Lunar Quartet Rehearsal 25Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
05/21/2013Last Jam of the SpringBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
04/14/2013Dancing NanciesBen's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/07/20123-2-3-2Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/08/2012Sharp4Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
07/01/2012The Silence (sketch)Ben's Apartment on Trailwood  
05/16/2011Sergeant Fats RehearsalBroadway Baptist Church  
05/23/2011Sergeant Fats RehearsalBroadway Baptist Church  
05/03/2011Rehearsal at Sam'sSam Flower's House  
05/12/20112nd Rehearsal at Sam'sSam Flower's House  
03/16/20115 part harmony experimentkent street 
07/14/2011Lights on Lights kent street  
02/28/2011Carter and Ben Jam it OutCarter's House  
01/29/2011Sergeant Fats @ The Winchester Opera HouseWinchester Opera House
11/20/2010Arts and CraftsThompson Threatre  
08/10/2010Reese album DemosReese's Old Georgetown Apt 
07/14/2010Lynaghs Open Mic Lynagh's 
07/13/2010Devassa week 1Devassa 
09/21/2010Tuesday Nights at DevassaDevassa  
05/01/2010Kilometers Davis @ ElkfestCharleston Elk's Lodge  
09/25/2009Reese at the Sidewalk CafeSidewalk Cafe  
08/16/2009Reese Richardson at the Green LanternGreen Lantern  
03/04/2010Jam with John BassThe Bass Residence  
01/20/2010Cabin jamsgatlinburg cabin  
12/16/2009HotPete's Townhouse in Raleigh  
12/04/2009Josh and Eman DuetUK Music Building  
07/31/2009O'Malley's Jam SessionO'Malley's  
04/05/2009Josh's Senior Recital [BOOTLEG]EIU: Doudna Fine Arts Center  
03/30/2009DistractionsJosh's Apartment  
04/28/2009CagedJosh's Apartment  
03/16/2010Jam with JoshJosh's Apartment  
03/17/2010Guest VisitorJosh's Apartment  
12/14/2010Graduate Audition SessionEIU: Doudna Fine Arts Center 1  
01/09/2010First KissBen's Apartment in Carrboro  
10/03/2008EIU J.E.- First concert in DoudnaEIU: Dvorak Concert Hall  
10/07/2008EIU J.E. Recording Session RoughsEIU: Doudna Rehearsal Hall  
12/04/2008Combo I Conert 2 2008EIU: Doudna Rehearsal Hall  
10/30/2008EIU Combo I Concert 1EIU: Doudna Rehearsal Hall  
04/28/2010Nick Grill Senior RecitalEIU: Doudna Rehearsal Hall  
10/03/2008Wilmington WeddingWilmington, NC  
05/05/2001O.G. ShitLouisville  
09/11/2005In Tongues Split Seven Inch SessionHKYMM Louisville 
07/17/2008Me 'n' Paul Paul's Office  
07/17/2008Garage Band Sketches: Vol. 1All Over  
06/25/2008Sketches (5/8/08 - 6/30/08)Reese's NYC apartment   
03/03/2009Movie MusicReese's NYC apartment   
03/04/2009hofner hip hopReese's NYC apartment   
07/06/2008Reese demos at the Buddy ProjectThe Buddy Project  
06/22/20081st Jam Session at KiwanisKiwani's House  
06/24/2008Jam w/ SeanKiwani's House  
07/17/2008Full Kiwanis JamKiwani's House  
06/06/2008Rehearsal 3 - Toll Plaza Progressive Music Center 
05/04/2008Live at Charleston Country ClubCharleston Country Club  
03/31/2008EIU Jazz Ensemble and Combo Recording Session Pogo Studios  
03/31/2008Pogo Studios: Final MixPogo Studios  
05/31/2008Demo #2 w ChuckCaldwell Lounge 
04/11/2008Toll Plaza DemoCaldwell Lounge  
07/20/2008Toll Plaza Rehearsal #4Caldwell Lounge  
03/07/2002GRC Jazz Spring ConcertGRC High School  
10/14/2007Tree Thump RehearsalSomewhere Near Urbana IL  
03/01/2005EIU Combo I: Live at Friends n Co.Friends and Co  
12/23/2007Rhodes StandardsApothecary Studios  
02/17/2007Guntown Mountain @ coffea islandCoffea Island   
08/07/2007Josh's Disney Summer ProjectDisneyland: Studio A  
04/01/2005EIU Combo I: Addison, TX Jazz FestivalUniversity of North Texas  
08/17/2006Josh's Foray into Acid MusicJosh's Dorm Room  
11/30/2005The Trio DemoEIU: McAfee Gym  
10/13/2006MarcuEake RecordsEIU: McAfee Gym  
04/21/2007Josh Marcus' Junior RecitalEIU: McAfee Gym   
11/15/2007Jazz Etc.: Practice #2EIU: McAfee Gym  
03/06/2002The Alfalfa's GigAlfalfa's 
07/21/2006The Trio at Rockome GardensRockome Garden Foods  
08/11/2006Josh and Bryce @ Rockome GardensRockome Garden Foods 
04/25/2006Titus Nesbitt's Senior Jazz RecitalEIU: Tarble Arts Center  
05/01/2005EIU Combo I @ JACJackson Avenue Coffee  
08/15/2008Live at Jackson Avenue CoffeeJackson Avenue Coffee  
09/09/2008JAC: Week 1Jackson Avenue Coffee  
09/16/2008JAC: Week 2Jackson Avenue Coffee  
09/23/2008JAC: Week 3Jackson Avenue Coffee  
09/30/2008JAC: Week 4Jackson Avenue Coffee  
10/07/2008JAC: Week 5Jackson Avenue Coffee  
10/14/2008JAC: Week 6Jackson Avenue Coffee  
10/21/2008JAC: Week 7Jackson Avenue Coffee  
11/04/2008JAC: Week 9Jackson Avenue Coffee  
12/02/2008JAC: Week 10Jackson Avenue Coffee  
12/09/2008JAC: Week 11Jackson Avenue Coffee  
01/13/2009JAC: Week 12Jackson Avenue Coffee  
02/03/2009JAC: Week 15Jackson Avenue Coffee  
01/20/2009JAC: Week 13Jackson Avenue Coffee  
01/27/2009JAC: Week 14Jackson Avenue Coffee  
02/24/2009JAC: Week 16Jackson Avenue Coffee  
03/03/2009JAC: Week 17Jackson Avenue Coffee  
03/24/2009JAC: Week 18Jackson Avenue Coffee  
05/18/2011Jackson Avenue Recap PodcastsJackson Avenue Coffee 
07/15/2006JM4 at Firebird StudioFirebird Studio 
07/22/2006JM4 at Firebird StudioFirebird Studio 
09/23/2004SDQ at the Terrapin Hill Harvest FestivalTerrapin Hill Harvest   
08/28/2004SDQ at FurlongsFurlong's  
07/24/2004SDQ in Muncie IndianaThe Heorot   
08/21/2003Reeses Berklee Ensemble PerformanceBerklee Performance Center  
05/08/2004SDQ at private partyHouse on Oldem  
04/11/2004Josh, Ben Spring JamBen's Dad's House  
09/01/2003The College YearsBen's Dorm Room  
02/27/2004The Governors MansionGovernors Mansion  
02/27/2010Private Party @ Governor's MansionGovernors Mansion  
04/13/2010Law Students Welcome @ Governor's MansionGovernors Mansion  
12/11/2011Governor's MasnionGovernors Mansion  
09/28/2003Shades of Bloo Rehearsal IPrice Music Center  
10/18/2003Shades of Bloo Rehearsal IIPrice Music Center  
10/24/2003Shades of Bloo, Rehearsal IIIPrice Music Center  
10/31/2003Shades of Bloo, Rehearsal IVPrice Music Center  
10/24/2004WilsonPrice Music Center  
12/07/2004Finals SessionPrice Music Center  
04/18/2006Cates Ave RehearsalPrice Music Center  
09/27/2009The VeilPrice Music Center  
09/17/2009NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal #2Price Music Center  
10/01/2009NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal #3Price Music Center  
11/08/2009NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal #4Price Music Center  
02/19/2010NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal #5Price Music Center  
03/05/2010NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal #6Price Music Center  
04/18/2010Ryan Standford's Senior RecitalPrice Music Center  
04/30/2012NC State Jazz Combo Jams OutPrice Music Center  
05/08/2012Just a Trio SessionPrice Music Center  
05/10/2003JAFYE @ SingletarySingletary Center for the Arts 
07/18/2004Uptown @ HallsHall's on the River 
11/20/2003NCSU Jazz I Fall ConcertTalley Student Center  
03/01/2004Rickis Senior RecitalTalley Student Center  
02/20/2004Shades of Bloo, Park ScholarsTalley Student Center  
11/07/2003Shades of Bloo, Rehearsal VTalley Student Center  
02/26/2007NCSU Jazz Combo RehearsalTalley Student Center  
05/04/2010Scholar's BanquetTalley Student Center  
12/03/2004NCSU Music Dept. Holiday ConcertTalley Student Center  
11/10/2004NCSU Jazz I Fall 2004 ConcertTalley Student Center  
04/19/2004NCSU Jazz I Spring 2004 ConcertTalley Student Center  
11/15/2007NCSU Jazz Combo Fall 2007 ConcertTalley Student Center  
04/17/2008NCSU Jazz Combo Spring 2008 ConcertTalley Student Center  
04/18/2007NCSU Jazz Combo Spring 2007 ConcertTalley Student Center  
05/09/2010NC State Arts GalaTalley Student Center  
04/24/2012NC State Jazz Combo Spring RecitalTalley Student Center  
10/04/2004The last SDQ demoKenny Bernhardt's Parent's  
02/11/2005EIU Jazz Ensemble Concert (feat. Steve Wilson)EIU: Grand Ballroom  
04/04/2006EIU Combo Concert: April 2006EIU: Grand Ballroom  
05/01/2005EIU Jazz Ensemble Spring 2005EIU: Grand Ballroom  
10/01/2004EIU Combo I: Fall ConcertsEIU: Grand Ballroom  
03/29/2005EIU Combo I Pre-Texas ConcertEIU: Grand Ballroom  
02/08/2008EIU Jazz Festival 2008 with Gregg FieldEIU: Grand Ballroom 
10/18/2007Dogwood FlightEIU: Grand Ballroom  
04/21/2008Jazz Ens. ConcertEIU: Grand Ballroom  
05/22/2003The Tall Session (ep)Danny White's Studio 
09/15/2001Farmers MarketFarmer's Market  
03/20/2005The March EPIMAGO Studios  
07/07/2002Reese, Tyler, Matt and John IMatt Wheeler's House  
07/09/2002Reese, Tyler, Matt and John IIMatt Wheeler's House  
07/03/2005JM4 Private PartyAshley's Parent's House  
03/09/2006Backbeat, etcBen's Apartment in Raleigh  
10/31/2006Mean[chainsaw]ingBen's Apartment in Raleigh  
11/06/2005Cates Ave Rehearsal 2Ben's Apartment in Raleigh  
04/21/2007BanginBen's Apartment in Raleigh  
11/09/2007*** Saraswati Creation Date ***Ben's Apartment in Raleigh   
07/19/2008New GuineaBen's Apartment in Raleigh  
08/06/2005JM4 at Natasha'sNatasha's Cafe  
02/09/2004The Sexual Disaster EPShangri-La Studio  
08/05/2004SDQ at High On RoseHigh On Rose  
05/18/2004SDQ at The Fish TankThe Fish Tank   
08/13/2004SDQ at The Fish TankThe Fish Tank  
10/07/2004SDQ at The Fish Tank (Last Gig)The Fish Tank   
01/01/2005BlueNote Trio @ 3rd Street3rd Street Coffee 
01/22/2007Guntown Practice3rd Street Coffee  
07/25/2003Reese At Common GroundsCommon Grounds 
03/26/2004First SDQ gig, at CGCommon Grounds  
04/08/2004SDQs second gig at CGCommon Grounds  
04/15/2004SDQs third gig at CGCommon Grounds  
05/01/2003Ben, Josh CG PilotCommon Grounds  
06/26/2003Ben, Reese @ Common GroundsCommon Grounds  
07/11/2004Reese Richardson 137% improvisation at CGCommon Grounds  
05/29/2004Uptown Five DemoJosh's Parent's House  
03/10/2006JM4 @ Marriane'sMarianne's in Charleston, IL 
03/04/2006The Trio @ Marianne'sMarianne's in Charleston, IL  
05/13/2006JM4 @ The DameThe Dame 
08/10/2005JM4 @ The DameThe Dame  
06/05/2004SDQ first dame gigThe Dame  
07/17/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame  
09/08/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame 
08/18/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame  
12/22/2005JM4 @ St. ClaireSt. Claire 
02/12/2006Gamizo SessionsSt. Claire 
02/10/2006Tammy Bradley SessionSt. Claire 
10/24/2006MARMALADE AT ST. CLAIRE (SESSION 3)St. Claire   
11/13/2006marmalade EP sessionsSt. Claire
12/06/2009Orant Sessions St. Claire 
07/29/2009RipeningSt. Claire  
06/20/2011Jazz tune from album outtakes St. Claire 
01/16/2004Demo For DuaneThe Hanger  
12/17/2003The Airport SessionsThe Hanger  
12/15/2004The Airport Sessions (its Freezing)The Hanger  
03/28/2005Who KnowsThe Hanger  
01/03/200544 1 DemosThe Hanger  
05/15/2005Reese and Logan at the airportThe Hanger  
08/15/2004Random Airport recordingsThe Hanger  
05/25/2005The Eman SessionThe Hanger  
12/30/2002TALL Airport PracticesThe Hanger  
01/30/2003TALL with TiceanThe Hanger  
12/01/2004Logan's Appalachian Music ProjectReese's Apartment on Waller  
03/10/2005First 44 one DemoReese's Apartment on Waller  
03/12/2005Don't Forget To Milk Your JoshReese's Apartment on Waller  
01/15/2005Demos for sunny quartetReese's Apartment on Waller  
12/20/2000Shoo, Wac, Dawg, MugReese's Parent's House  
03/20/2002The first reese and logan jamReese's Parent's House  
07/06/2003Reese, Ben Create NoiseReese's Parent's House  
12/15/2003Writing and jamming at reeseReese's Parent's House  
05/16/2002MINI DISC 2Reese's Parent's House  
02/09/2002Reese - Ben - Brandon #1Reese's Parent's House  
07/20/2007Numb Piano JamReese's Parent's House   
07/05/2000Random ShitReese's Parent's House  
06/18/2005JM4 @ Fauntleroy'sFauntleroy's  
08/13/2005JM4 @ Fauntleroy'sFauntleroy's  
11/05/2005JM4 @ Fauntleroy'sFauntleroy's   
03/11/2005JMTrio at Fauntleroy'sFauntleroy's  
07/15/2006JM4 at Fauntleroy's CafeFauntleroy's
01/06/2006JM4 @ Underlying Themes LoftUnderlying Themes  
11/26/2005JM4's First Underlying ThemesUnderlying Themes  
06/30/2006Jam In The BasementReese's House  
06/10/2006*** Bink Creation Date ***Reese's House  
02/15/2006Odd Noises Captured On TapeReese's House  
07/11/2006JM4 Practice with jamesReese's House  
07/12/2006Ben, Reese, TravisReese's House  
07/12/2006Dance DanceReese's House  
07/15/2006Black Buster and The Electric ChurchReese's House  
07/17/2006JM4 Practice #1Reese's House  
07/18/2006JM4 Practice #2Reese's House  
07/19/2006JM4 Practice #3Reese's House  
07/20/2006JM4 practice #4Reese's House  
07/21/2006Heart and SoulReese's House  
07/26/2006Eman and Josh Collaborate with Garage BandReese's House  
07/27/2006JM4 Practice #5Reese's House  
07/27/2006Flop, beaotch!Reese's House  
07/30/2006JM4 Practice #6Reese's House  
07/31/2006JM4 Practice #7Reese's House  
08/01/2006reese'n travis jamReese's House  
08/05/2006reese'n josh jamReese's House  
08/06/2006Queen SatinReese's House 
08/08/2006Last JM4 practice/DemoReese's House 
08/20/2006Marmalade practiceReese's House  
08/19/20066 Seasons AcousticReese's House  
09/19/2006Road To Tennessee Demo (incomplete)Reese's House  
11/25/2006Feedback experimentReese's House  
05/04/2006Kee Cha HoteReese's House  
11/06/2006Eric Evans DemoReese's House  
12/20/2006Ta Kuo DemoReese's House  
12/18/2006Reese, Eric, Chris, Ross, SeanReese's House  
05/31/2006BetsyReese's House  
07/01/2007Reese And TravisReese's House  
07/18/2007Casio From HellReese's House 
07/07/2007Don't Don't Dabble the WaterReese's House  
06/16/2005JM4's 1st RehearsalBen's Mom's House  
07/01/2005JM4 DemoBen's Mom's House 
08/01/2001Ardour: SoundBen's Mom's House 
10/01/2001The Basement SessionsBen's Mom's House 
03/06/2002Before AlfalfaBen's Mom's House  
12/25/2003Minidisc SucksBen's Mom's House  
11/24/2003Thanksgiving SessionsBen's Mom's House  
03/01/2003Funk YouBen's Mom's House  
04/10/2003Ben Spring Break 03Ben's Mom's House  
04/09/2002Basement Sessions AgainBen's Mom's House  
09/11/2002Fall BrownBen's Mom's House 
03/02/2003Ben's Basement SessionsBen's Mom's House  
07/25/2005HeyBen's Mom's House  
08/15/2003Reese & Ben JamsBen's Mom's House  
06/05/2004Hat and LunchBen's Mom's House   
05/15/2002MINI DISC 1Ben's Mom's House  
06/24/2005Reese, Ben, JamesBen's Mom's House  
06/29/2005First Six SeasonsBen's Mom's House  
06/18/2004Uptown Five RehearsalBen's Mom's House  
07/07/2007Work DoneBen's Mom's House   
08/03/2007Hey AgainBen's Mom's House   
12/04/2008Thanksgiving Break DuetsBen's Mom's House  
12/23/2008Apples to ApplesBen's Mom's House 
12/31/2008Lunch with DadBen's Mom's House  
01/04/2010Ben's BirthdayBen's Mom's House  
06/07/2010A Day of Music in LexingtonBen's Mom's House 
11/06/2008*** Transfer to ***   
02/27/2009Notre Dame Jazz Festival  
10/25/2009Tres Harsh  
10/14/2010Reese's song a day.  
04/24/2011Music Minus Gene  
05/24/2011Easy Sister 
05/29/2011modern pop  
05/31/2011She Smiles Sweetly Demo   
12/08/2011Desert Sky  
12/23/2011Jam At Oscar's House  
04/27/2012Friday the Double the Thirteenth Plus One  
07/13/2012Ben and Reese Jamming on Skype  
11/28/2015Arath Corral Trio (and Josh Marcus) @ The Bar Next  
11/08/2015Lucid Trio @ Moses Church  
02/01/2018You and the Night and the Music  
10/02/2004SDQ at the Dame