Musician: Tyler Little

Number of Collections: 25
Played Instruments: Drum Set, Microwave
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05/12/20112nd Rehearsal at Sam'sSam Flower's House  
05/03/2011Rehearsal at Sam'sSam Flower's House  
04/24/2011Music Minus Gene  
09/21/2010Tuesday Nights at DevassaDevassa  
02/12/2006Gamizo SessionsSt. Claire 
10/04/2004The last SDQ demoKenny Bernhardt's Parent's  
09/23/2004SDQ at the Terrapin Hill Harvest FestivalTerrapin Hill Harvest   
09/08/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame 
08/28/2004SDQ at FurlongsFurlong's  
08/18/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame  
08/13/2004SDQ at The Fish TankThe Fish Tank  
08/05/2004SDQ at High On RoseHigh On Rose  
07/24/2004SDQ in Muncie IndianaThe Heorot   
07/17/2004SDQ at the DameThe Dame  
06/05/2004SDQ first dame gigThe Dame  
05/18/2004SDQ at The Fish TankThe Fish Tank   
05/08/2004SDQ at private partyHouse on Oldem  
04/15/2004SDQs third gig at CGCommon Grounds  
04/08/2004SDQs second gig at CGCommon Grounds  
03/26/2004First SDQ gig, at CGCommon Grounds