Musician: Eman Norman

Number of Collections: 12
Played Instruments: Trumpet, Synth, Hand Claps, Vocals, Flip Flop Sandals, Cornet
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12/04/2009Josh and Eman DuetUK Music Building  
08/15/2008Live at Jackson Avenue CoffeeJackson Avenue Coffee  
07/17/2008Garage Band Sketches: Vol. 1All Over  
07/30/2006JM4 Practice #6Reese's House  
07/27/2006Flop, beaotch!Reese's House  
07/26/2006Eman and Josh Collaborate with Garage BandReese's House  
05/25/2005The Eman SessionThe Hanger  
07/18/2004Uptown @ HallsHall's on the River 
06/18/2004Uptown Five RehearsalBen's Mom's House  
05/29/2004Uptown Five DemoJosh's Parent's House  
12/15/2003Writing and jamming at reeseReese's Parent's House  
03/07/2002GRC Jazz Spring ConcertGRC High School