02/26/2007 - NCSU Jazz Combo Rehearsal

NCSU Jazz Ensemble - Talley Student Center

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Wes Parker, who leads the group and I had the same idea: since the combo had such an excellent first gig out, why not record? So, Wes showed up with two lav mics and me with my laptop... The source is through the headphone amp of the Direct-To-CD console we had with us, so it may be a little messy and I had to compress some of the tracks to get them audible. I'd say for our first recording session, it turned out really well.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. Bags Groove
  2. 6 mbmp3 file  
  3. All Blues
  4. 5 mbmp3 file  
  5. Nica's Dream
  6. 6 mbmp3 file  
  7. Yardbird Suite
  8. 5 mbmp3 file  
  9. Impressions
  10. 5 mbmp3 file  
  11. Wes's Funk
  12. 411 kbmp3 file