12/03/2017 - 1-2-3

Gato Maestro - Ben's House

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I said I wasnt going to record this one but it turns out I couldnt help myself and I at least ran my phone for the good parts -- that is, for two full takes of 1-2-3. I think Chase ran his phone too for more than that. Anyway, this isnt recorded in the sense that its low fidelity from an iphone and its not very much audio at all, but its the first day we ever played 1-2-3, so Im glad we got it recorded.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. 1-2-3 - Take 1
  2. 13 mbmp3 file  
  3. Puzzle Pieces
  4. 476 kbmp3 file  
  5. Trashcan ending
  6. 268 kbmp3 file  
  7. Curbed Enthusiasm
  8. 319 kbmp3 file  
  9. 1-2-3 - Take 2
  10. 11 mbmp3 file