07/04/2019 - Gato Maestro at Black Creek for Independence Day

Gato Maestro - Black Creek Brewery

Ben brought the recorder to the gig, brought it into the building, and simply forgot to get it turned on for this wonderful gig. Jaime sat in with us on Dos Almas live at the show and got a standing ovation! We were booked from 5-8pm but ended up playing the typical musician hours of 530-545pm until around 930pm. Pauls entire family was there. Everybody had really good performances and there were some killer moments as a band that can only happen in front of a crowd. Really wish we had a recording of this. This was the live premiere of the song All I Can See, which is a very new number for Gato. We were glad to share it with everybody and glad to have executed it decently well.

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