12/17/2022 - Gato Maestro @ Nash Street [partial] - Rainbow Mix

Gato Maestro - Nash Street Tavern

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This was a last-minute gig setup by Nash Street. We had a rehearsal the night before to run everything. We were super excited to get to play at Nash Street around the holidays. Ben did a number on the set list and changed it completely around from what it normally is, calling up some of the tunes of yesteryear. Paul couldnt be with us for this gig at the last minute. **NOTE**: There is a second CD that we are looking to get from Rainbow who does the recording at Nash Street. Shes a very busy person so it may be awhile until that gets posted, but please enjoy these tunes in the meantime!

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Producer
Rainbow - Engineer


  1. Intro
  2. 2 mbmp3 file  
  3. Jam into One Way Out
  4. 5 mbmp3 file  
  5. One Way Out
  6. 9 mbmp3 file  
  7. Hard to Handle
  8. 5 mbmp3 file  
  9. Magic Carpet Ride
  10. 6 mbmp3 file  
  11. Wake Up
  12. 6 mbmp3 file  
  13. Will It Go Round in Circles
  14. 6 mbmp3 file  
  15. Boogie On Reggae Woman
  16. 6 mbmp3 file  
  17. Use Me
  18. 12 mbmp3 file  
  19. I Shot the Sheriff
  20. 9 mbmp3 file  
  21. The Christmas Song
  22. 8 mbmp3 file notes
  23. Soulshine
  24. 11 mbmp3 file  
  25. Easy
  26. 7 mbmp3 file