07/09/2023 - Semitones w Logic Pro X

Dana Thalheimer's House

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So this is the earlier configuration of the Tritones. Without Paul. Thus, it is called the Semitones. Paul was unable to attend on this particularl scheduled recording session. We also used Logic to capture the audio and not Presonus, which is the preference Dana has. Ben used his laptop to capture all the audio and then just walked off with it on his hard drive. The MIDI for the keyboard went directly in, instead of being rendered into audio by one laptop and captured by another. The MIDI gets out of sync sometimes with the audio, which Ben is working to fix, and prevent, in future sessions. Also we actually played three or four more songs on this session, but Ben forgot to hit record, so we do not have them in this collection.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer
Dana Thalheimer - Asst. Engineer


  1. Something You Got
  2. 5 mbmp3 file notes
  3. Night and Day
  4. 10 mbmp3 file  
  5. Softly - 1
  6. 3 mbmp3 file notes
  7. Softly - 2
  8. 8 mbmp3 file