10/26/2019 - Gato Maestro @ Black Creek Brewery

Gato Maestro - Black Creek Brewery

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This is a very partial recording of what all we played on this particular evening at Black Creek. We were outside in a alleyway and the weather was all sorts of crazy. Theres lots of wind on the recording and due to the stress of the evening, Ben forgot to turn on the recorder at all the wrong times. We actually played three sets this particular evening, but what we got captured is just midway part set 1 and all of set 2. We missed set 3 entirely. Meanwhile, folks bared the cold to sit out with us in the wind and rain and listen to us jam through our set list. We had a great time and we hope yall did too.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. Groove Girl
  2. 7 mbmp3 file  
  3. Will It Go Round in Circles
  4. 6 mbmp3 file  
  5. Evil Ways
  6. 10 mbmp3 file  
  7. Force of Nature
  8. 9 mbmp3 file  
  9. Work Song
  10. 8 mbmp3 file  

  11. Wake Up
  12. 6 mbmp3 file  
  13. Mama Told Me Not to Come
  14. 6 mbmp3 file  
  15. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
  16. 8 mbmp3 file  
  17. Are You Like Me?
  18. 10 mbmp3 file  
  19. Footprints
  20. 11 mbmp3 file  
  21. LST
  22. 5 mbmp3 file  
  23. Get Loose
  24. 11 mbmp3 file  
  25. I Shot the Sheriff
  26. 9 mbmp3 file  
  27. GOL
  28. 9 mbmp3 file