07/12/2020 - Gato Maestro 4: Sing a Song of Song

Ben's House

The instrumentalists of Gato Maestro got together without Mr. Pickett because he had a prior engagement. We took the opportunity to work on learning a new song: Sing a Song of Song by Kenny Garrett. We also made sure we could still make it through Jody Grind. Iffy. We played a couple of the Gato tunes just for nostalgia almost. Its very evident to us that we need our singer to complete the sound on those songs. The instrumentals are coming toghether, though, which should come in handy on a gig. Its worth noting that this is another one of those times where Ben only ran tape when we were coming to the point of something sounding good. Theres hours of us just listening to the tune, talking, taking notes, and basically learning the song that were not ever recorded.

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Production Staff

Ben Smith - Engineer, Producer


  1. Jody Grind
  2. 7 mbmp3 file notes
  3. Sing a Song of Song - 1
  4. 12 mbmp3 file  
  5. Sing a Song of Song - 2
  6. 13 mbmp3 file  
  7. Are You Like Me?
  8. 9 mbmp3 file notes
  9. Work Song
  10. 10 mbmp3 file notes